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Online Resources using jvm toassign code 3 of 9 for asp.net web,windows application interleaved 25 NDS eDirectory Online D Code 3/9 for Java ocumentation: http://www.novell.com/documentation/lg/ndsse/docui/index.

html/ NDS eDirectory Development: http://www.developer.novell.

com/nds/. Solaris and LDAP Naming Services NDS Schema Registration: http://www.developer.novell.com/support/schreg2c.htm DNS Books DNS and BIND, third edi 39 barcode for Java tion by Paul Albitz and Cricket Liu: ISBN: 1565925122. This book discusses one of the Internet s fundamental building blocks: the distributed host information database that s responsible for translating names into addresses, routing mail to its proper destination, and many other services. The third edition covers BIND 4.

9, on which most commercial products are currently based; and BIND 8, which implements many important new features and will be the basis for the next generation of commercial name servers.. Online Resources DNS Resources Directory jar 3 of 9 barcode : http://www.dns.net/dnsrd/.

LDAP Server Software Vendors iPlanet Directory Serve Code39 for Java r: http://www.iplanet.com/downloads/download/detail_8_213.

html IBM SecureWay Directory: http://www-4.ibm.com/software/network/directory/ OpenLDAP Directory: http://www.

openldap.org/ Linux Directory Services: http://www.rage.

net/ldap/ Oracle Directory Services:. Appendix C Additional Information http://www.oracle.com/d atabase/oid/.

LDAP Client SDKs The Java Naming and Dir ectory InterfaceTM (JNDI) is a standard extension to the JavaTM platform, providing Java technology-enabled applications with a unified interface to multiple naming and directory services in the enterprise. As part of the Java Enterprise API set, JNDI enables seamless connectivity to heterogeneous enterprise naming and directory services. Developers can now build powerful and portable directory-enabled applications using this industry standard.

http://java.sun.com/products/jndi/ At the location below, you will find the directory SDKs for C, Java, and Perl.

These SDKs are precompiled. If you wish to obtain the source code version s then go to the mozilla.org Web site.


html This is the mozilla.org site which is the location where the Open Source for the LDAP SDKs for C, Java, and Perl programming can be found. In addition, to the SDKs you will find some useful LDAP tools.


Solaris and LDAP Naming Services APPENDIX LDAP v3 Result Codes This appendix explains some of the LDAP error codes that can be returned by your LDAP server. It is not a complete list and does not discuss the mechanism of why an LDAP server gives a particular error. To find out additional information on error codes refer to RFC 2251, which defines these error codes.

Also, as another very useful resource, see Internet Draft draft-just-ldapv3-rescodes-02.txt, which details exact descriptions of these error codes. Finally, you may also want to refer to the ldap.

h file, which in the case of the Solaris Operating Environment can be found in /usr/include. In addition to reviewing the RFC 2251, review the access and error log files, which are located by default under /usr/netscape/server4/slapd-instance/logs. These files can help you debug certain problems with your directory server.

The error codes in TABLE D-1 apply to the iPlanet Directory Server, and possibly to other LDAP servers, but not to all. This list is not comprehensive. Codes without comments in the third column are not currently returned to clients by Netscape Directory Server or generated by the SDK.

. LDAP Error Codes The op tomcat bar code 39 eration completed successfully. Invalid syntax for ACI or schema, or inappropriate control for the operation. Invalid filter expression on search, or DN on add, modify, or delete.

Either the server s or the client s specified search time limit was exceeded.. TABLE D-1. 0x00 0x01 LDAP_CONNECTION SUCCESS LDAP_OPERATIONS_ERROR 0x02. LDAP_PROTOCOL_ERROR 0x03. LDAP_TIME_LIMIT_EXCEEDED TABLE D-1. LDAP Error Codes (Conti nued) Either the server s or the client s specified limit on number of search results was exceeded. A compare operation returns mismatch. A compare operation returns match.

The server does not support the requested authentication method. The server requires an authentication method stronger than unencrypted user name and password. The client has bound with LDAP v2, or the server supports only LDAP v2, and the base DN specified by the client is not among the naming contexts of the server.

The server is configured to return a referral or search reference when an operation is directed toward this DN. This is an LDAP v3 error ONLY. To satisfy the search request, the server would need to process too many entries; the search may need to be narrowed, or the server s lookthrough limit raised.

A control was provided with request; the control was tagged as critical, but the server doesn t support it.. 0x04.
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