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Don"t under price using .net framework tointegrate pdf417 for asp.net web,windows application bar code 39 There is an old saying: turn Visual Studio .NET PDF 417 over is vanity, profit is sanity, but cash flow is king! The simple fact is that, good as Asterisk is, it still needs some level of TLC. You need to factor in your ongoing support, so don"t price yourself too low.

To quote another clich : the most expensive isn"t always the best, but the cheapest is nearly often the worst If your quote is too low, a customer will think it"s too good to be true and you"ll be unlikely to win the deal. More often than not, they"ll go for the quote in the middle. That"s where you want to be.

However, you can alleviate some concerns about a low quote by being totally transparent about your pricing. If the customer sees that certain aspects of your system are considerably cheaper, such as the lack of software maintenance charges for instance, then they can be reassured that your installation and support services are not "cheap and nasty". Although, be careful as this requires your competitors to be similarly transparent, which may not be the case.

. [ 241 ]. Download at Boykma.Com Selling Your Solution Don"t have a huge margin on handsets It"s worth remembering that your customer can quite easily source handsets themselves, so stay aware of retail prices and resist the urge to boost your margin by overcharging for them. However, it is perfectly acceptable to add a transparent charge for assembly, and, if you are not auto-provisioning, a charge for installation as well, which will apply regardless of whether you supply the handsets..

Don"t supply a PC as the phone server In smaller companies, the tr aditional PBX has tended to be a plain metal box with a few vents, attached to the wall. Now you and I know that Asterisk runs on standard PC hardware, but it does not mean that you should turn up on a customer site with a PC under your arm to install as their new phone server. To your customer, a PC is something that sits on or under their desk, and every so often, causes them a lot of grief and frustration.

You are not going to give them a "warm, fuzzy feeling" by sticking one in their server room (which so happens to double as a broom cupboard). If you"re selling to a range of customers, you need a range of server products. It is perfectly feasible to construct a rock-solid Asterisk box using server-quality components, and put it into a wall-mountable case with your logo on it.

If you"re smart, the same components will fit in a 1U or 2U rack-mount case too, and into a solid, floor-standing server case. Then you have three product lines where the only difference is the case. You can then introduce more options by changing the innards, so you may have entry-level, mid-range, and large systems aimed at different sizes of customer.

The reality, though, is that all but the smallest customer will require and expect a rack-mount chassis for their PBX. For these customers, it is usually better to utilize existing server lines from well-known providers such as IBM, HP, or Dell. Attempting to construct such a server yourself will not save you much money (if any), and you will not have a manufacturer"s warranty for the system as a whole to fall back on.

If you decide you wish to construct your own PBX servers, in the long run, it is worth your while using good quality components, that is server-grade hardware. It is likely to increase significantly the MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) of the PBX as a whole (of course, this will be the same as the shortest MTBF of the components making up the system), and will also tend to give you longer warranties on the components. For instance, a typical consumer motherboard has a 12-month warranty, but the server-grade version of the same motherboard has a five-year warranty! Although, you may be constrained by the availability of server-grade motherboards in the right form-factor for systems aimed at very small businesses.

In truth, this is a compromise that you will have to decide upon carefully.. [ 242 ].
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