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4. use software barcode data matrix encoding todraw gs1 datamatrix barcode with software Microsoft Office Development. Microsoft Office 2000/2003/2007/2010 ID H Category Help Name Process by Software Data Matrix barcode which Starberry explains legal requirements and processes to clients who want or have a Tax Audit prepared. Process by which Starberry monitors the progress of Tax Audits both individually and aggregated. Process by which Starberry combines information together to form draft Tax Audits for client review.

Process by which Starberry gets paid by clients for conducting audit. Process by which Starberry delivers the final audit to the Tax Office. Process by which Starberry tells potential clients that it offers Tax Audits.

Process by which Starberry takes on new clients requiring Tax Audits. Process by which Starberry collects information required for preparing audits. Process by which Starberry pays the team, contractors, and bills related to the preparation of Tax Audits.

Process by which Starberry terminates preparation of Tax Audit services for specific clients (either party might initiate).. Critical No I J K L M N O P Inform Join Kollect Logistics Market New Organize Pay No Yes No Yes No No Yes No Quit In the previous Software Data Matrix example, all ten processes are required to provide a professional service. However, Starberry could make do if some of them were not operating due to system failure, ill health, or other factor. Why is that While there are ten processes that deliver a product or service, they operate in different time frames and are de-coupled.

For example, you may need to pay bills and market, but marketing is not directly dependent on bill payment. You might have a strategy to market once a year, whereas bills may be paid monthly. Just as Starberry tried to answer the question about critical services from the customer"s perspective, so it is that it uses the same logic at this lower level.

If Starberry does not collect payment for a Tax Audit, due to some computer glitch, it can still continue to produce and deliver the Tax Audit to the Tax Office on time. In our review, only three of the ten processes have been classified as critical. Therefore, we can give the other seven less attention.

. [ 137 ]. Adopting a Methodology When describing a process there are two views, static and dynamic, that can be expressed in Process and Workflow models, respectively. We might make process models for all ten but only do Workflow models for the three critical processes. ProVision ensures that both models remain synchronized.

If we add a new step in a Workflow model, it automatically updates the companion Process model.. If you delete a DataMatrix for None Workflow model it deletes the companion Process model links. (The objects remain in the model but you will have to reconnect them.).

Steps 1. Select Model Software Data Matrix 2d barcode Inventory. 2.

Select Service Process Model and double-click to create a new model. 3. Select Product object and create a new S Product object called Tax Audit.

4. The model will open. 5.

Add the following objects: An S2 Process object called Tax Audit processes and a HQ Activity object also called Tax Audit processes. 6. Draw a link from the process to the product to make it a child object.

7. Draw a link from the activity to the process object to make it a child object. 8.

Right-click the activity object and select Component Models . Service Proces s model. 9. Power add the ten categories of the process and make them children of the Tax Audit processes activity.

10. Double-click into each child object and add the relevant stereotype letter. 11.

Sort the objects alphabetically. 12. Add layers for critical and non-critical processes.

. [ 138 ]. 4 . Tips We use activity objects as quasi-process objects because they have more detail, flexibility, and can be simulated if required. However activity objects can"t be linked directly to products. The process object is used as a linker.

You will want to change the process names to something more meaningful to your organization. Before you do that, double-click into each object and add its classification letter as a stereotype. That way, when you rename the object you will recall its type.

The following image shows the Tax Audit processes as activity objects. Each has been given a stereotype letter..

Now a layer has Software DataMatrix been added to the model shown below and the three critical processes have been added. The other processes have been hidden..

[ 139 ].
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